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2024-25 Lady Reign Travel Program Details

We have developed a robust and enhanced training and practice program to help develop the girls skills and performance. Each program section provides a three season training model that will keep the girls with stick in their hands and feet on the field.



Every player will participate in over 30  practices (2 hours each) during the Summer and Fall tournament season. Each practice is designed to challenge the player at every level of play. Players will engage in speed and agility training as well as position-specific training sessions to focus on key position movements and skills. Practices culminate in team activity and gameplay. These practices will have dedicated coaching and training staff to lead their development at every level.



The 2024-25 tournament season will bring about exciting opportunities for the team to experience in the tri-state area. Your team will participate in 4 Summer, 3 Fall, and 2 Winter tournaments. The  anticipated tournament schedule is designed to challenge each team and may change based upon the teams developing skill levels. The 2024-25 schedule also keep each tournament within a 3-3.5 hour driving radius thereby reducing the need to make costly hotel and eating accommodations..


Additional Training 

The Lady Reign program is extremely proud to provide several other additional services to help our players develop to their full potential.


These services include:

- Position-specific training sessions

- Coaching evaluations

- Agility, speed, & reaction training

- Pre-season tune-up sessions

- Full uniform package

- Discounts for additional training   


- Payment plan for program


- More to come

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