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About Us

The Lady Reign girls lacrosse travel club is a Hudson Valley based program training and recruiting players from around the region and tri-sate area. Our premiere program is designed with player development at the core of its training and playing philosophy. We build players by building their individual confidence, self-esteem, strength, and drive to be successful on and off the field. The Lady Reign coaches and trainers focus on developing the 360-degree athlete...Mind...Body...Spirit.

Success Through Confidence & Strength



The Lady Reign program focuses on building your daughter into a strong and confident field player with a high lacrosse IQ. We believe that a confident player will continuously build strong skills and keep learning the game to better position themselves on the field to create their success. No more statements like "you need to play stronger" or "you must get better". Lady Reign takes the time to teach and not just say "Do". Our coaches and trainers TEACH and explain the "Why" so that the player understands and is better prepared to play stronger because of their increased knowledge.


The Lady Reign Travel Club has a vision of establishing itself as the premiere girls lacrosse program in the Hudson Valley. Recruiting girls from all over the region, Lady Reign will establish itself as a highly  competitive program that will create the next generation of powerhouse lacrosse players. Our vision is to help young players grow into successful high school players and ultimately become highly successful adults.

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